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Concept: The external vibrator is a three-phase or single-phase synchronous motor that has eccentric weights (unbalance weight) mounted at the ends of the Rotor shaft. The rotating shaft causes centrifugal forces, which can be adjusted by moving the weights it creates a vibration.

Bearing & Lubrication: The right type of bearing for every application guarantees long service life even continuous operation. All vibratory motors are permanently lubricated for normal operation. The large capacity motor can be re-lubricated for the average application. Sp. Type of grease is used in the vibratory motor.



Range:0.25 H.P. to 10 H.P. in 2, 4, 6 & 8 poles 3 phase supply volts 415 +- 5% 50 Hz. +- 5% On customer request we are also able supply motor in 220, 380, 460, 525 volts on HZ. 50 or 60.0.25 H.P. TO 2 H.P. in 2,4 pole 1phase supply volts 215 +-5% 50Hz. +-5% (on customer request we are also able to supply motor in 110 volts on 60 Hz) Centrifugal force kg.: 250 to 6500

Mounting: Foot-flange-Vibration-proof motor winding: Insulation class F enhances the safety under continuous operating conditions and at high ambient temperatures. The motor is tropical zed and designed for an extended voltage range.
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