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Make it possiblePossible

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Future engineeringFuture

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Innovation for customers

Promising our clients "Innovation & Technology" with CE certified quality.

Successful Systems

Developing innovative motors, Gear Box is one of our core areas of expertise that will guarantee successful complete solutions.

Integrated Sustainability

Anubhuti stands for a high level of energy efficiency and the economical use of raw materials.

As a small family company, our mision is to create the best electric motors & gear box engineering solutions and deliver them to our clients.

Rajesh Patel

Anubhuti – Founder

Anubhuti values

Engineering the best solutions

At Anubhuti you always have a personal contact who is glad to advise you and answer your questions about the optimal electric motor solution for your industrial application

We see ourselves as a long-term oriented partner and consultant to the industry. Numerous customers all over the world already appreciate the high quality of our electric motors and our fast and flexible service.
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What we do

Passion that builds excellence

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Anubhuti owns R&D Teams with experienced R&D engineers. Our engineers utilize FMEA, VE, etc. advanced design technology, and the latest analysis system for Motor Performance Analyzing System, Starting Torque Tester, Gearhead Design Software to design a product.

Precision & Quality

@ Anubhuti, QC specialists who utilize 110-plus testing devices like FMEA and PPAP, administer a battery of tests including material incoming test, 100% inspection on line, packing vibration, and outing inspection before delivery. Anubhuti has a complete inspection process, and quality control implements the R&D & production process.


Anubhuti focuses on productivity and invests in purchasing and maintaining advanced production equipment every year. In recent years, the construction of multiple automated production lines has greatly improved production efficiency.
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Amwerk named industry leader
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Travis Kirkpatrick appointed EU CEO
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Industrial aero products
Industrial aero products
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Tools for the right industry
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Berlin Railway elements
Berlin Railway elements
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Building airplane elements
Building airplane elements
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Extending your views
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CNC solutions for any business
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Simon Oswald project
Simon Oswald project
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MCPL project
MCPL project
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